Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sherlock Holmes Sculpture

A character design of Sherlock Holmes made out of clay.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The White Rabbit

A sculpture made out of super sculpey and cotton balls for texture with airbrush treatments.

Life Drawing

A drawing from life.

Monochromatic Still Life

A watercolour value painting.

Self Portrait

A self portrait made using pastels.

Tom Waits

A charcoal drawing of one of my favorites, the one and only Mr. Tom Waits.


A mixed media attempt at a spy movie poster.

Cutting A Record

A collage made using 70's Eatons catalogue clippings. A sort of lawnmower/sewing machine/record player hybrid.

A Designers Studio

A watercolour painting of my friends room.


A painting of my toddler toys.

Red and Blue Nude

A watercolour painted from life using red and blue lights.

The Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper character painted onto a book page. Comes with key to unlock the words

Space Beats

A type of electronic drum machine.

A Film Stripped

An old 8mm camera made using gears and mechanical instruments as stencils.

Portrait from life

This portrait was made in the style of the communist propaganda poster.


This piece was made with a scratch board technique. Jack o' lanterns have feelings too!


This image was made using actual typewriter parts as stencils with an airbrush.


A metaphor for motivation.

Memory Drawer

A metaphor for your mind.

Sigmund Freud's Laboratory

A room concept for Dr. Sigmund Freud.

Future City

A concept for a city of the future.

The Business Man Show

This piece is an illustration for a story where the working class are the attraction and the clowns are the audience.

Abstract Tag

Marker rendered abstract shape

The Dreamcatcher

This piece is an illustration for a story about dreams. The character on the roof collects the dreams with his net.

The Dream Gateway

This piece was for a short story about dreams. The door on the tree is the entrance to the dream realm.